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About Us

Troy Freight Expediting started out as Troy Cab in 1953 when Troy was still a Township. In 1955 Troy became a city and industries started moving there, and the taxi service started getting requests to deliver small items for the factories in addition to passenger service.

Troy Freight FoundersIn 1963 Clarence and Virginia Blankenship, the founders, decided the freight delivery service was more demanding than the passenger service and so they took steps to “Deliver Freight not people.”

Since then, the fleet has added vans and a small stake truck. We do same day door to door expediting of parts to be processed, finished parts for “Just in Time” needs repair parts to get factories back up and running and much more.

We tailor our services to fit your need.

In one instance we delivered a stuffed Grizzly Bear for a client.

Give us a call and we can problem solve your expedited or special care needs.


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